Real Estate Broker Policy

Effective November 1, 2020

Lakeside Homes is not represented by any real estate agent or broker on any transaction.  All of Lakeside Homes’ houses will be built and sold using only Lakeside Homes employees and subcontractors.  The majority of our homes are custom, “to be built” homes, built to our client’s specifications.  However, occasionally Lakeside Homes will build a house that is not pre-sold.  These houses are referred to as “Spec Houses” and they are typically listed in the MLS towards the end of the construction phase with the intent to sell and close on the house post completion.  Spec Houses get listed in the MLS with a specified commission offered to any selling agent or broker that brings Lakeside Homes a qualified buyer.  The commission will be based on the final sales price of the house, must be documented in a sales contract and will only be paid at settlement.  If for any reason settlement does not occur, there will be no commission.

As stated, the majority of Lakeside Homes’ houses are custom “to be built” homes.  Although the majority of our clients typically find us on their own, we occasionally build homes for clients that are referred to us or brought to us by an agent or broker and we welcome those opportunities.  In these cases, it must be documented up front that a given client is being represented by an agent or broker on our sign in sheet located in the model or by way of other acceptable documentation to Lakeside Homes such as an email exchange with the company’s President.  If not disclosed/documented up front, Lakeside Homes will be under no obligation to pay any commission on any transaction.  Agents or Brokers who refer custom “to be built” clients will be paid 1.5% of the base price of the house (ie. no commission on lot premiums or options).  Any commission paid on a “to be built” home will only be paid at settlement.  If for any reason settlement does not occur, there will be no commission.

New Model Home
Our new model home is open by appointment only
The new model is located near the corner of Riley Rd and Broad Run Church Rd.

9801 Thoroughbred Road
Warrenton, VA 20187

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Lakeside Homes' new model is located on Thoroughbred Road near the corner of Riley and Broad Run Church roads in Warrenton, Virginia. If you'd like more information on our homes, please contact us.

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